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Get the results you want with a full-service SEO agency for a flat hourly rate

Access our all-inclusive service for a flat hourly rate. Build high-quality, custom campaigns with our in-house team of specialists.
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Successful SEO Campaigns Require a Team of Specialists

A big mistake that businesses make is to hire a single person to do their SEO. The truth is that SEO is a complex process and a service which requires multiple skill sets that a single individual is unlikely to have. That’s why at Propel, we’ve got a dedicated team of specialists that are powerhouses in their respective fields.
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SEO Consultants and Strategists

The work of our SEO consultants and strategists propels our clients’ websites on Google’s first page.

The technical SEO specialists at Propel analyze your website to determine the best way to boost your website traffic and improve your conversions. They design comprehensive plans to maximize your website’s organic traffic using a combination of different techniques, including content strategy, website speed optimization, metadata sculpting, social media strategy, link-building, and more.

The ever-changing landscape of organic search, and complex search algorithms, means that you need a highly experienced and technical team to steer the ship.

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Experienced Designers

Our designers specialize in UX (User Experience), usability, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). So you can be sure your website design is engineered for success.

The term “website design” is far less about aesthetics as it is about strategy. We look at design from a holistic approach of what facilitates SEO, conversions, and provides a user-friendly experience.

With Google putting a lot of emphasis on user experience signals, it’s crucial to have an experienced design team as part of your SEO campaign.

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When it comes to SEO, the technical implementation of your website can make or break your SEO campaign.

A team of developers that understand SEO, coupled with a proven development process, means you get the SEO foundation you need to see massive long-term growth. Whether you need on-site technical SEO, performance optimization, or functional issues corrected - our dev team is here to help.

Our developers work hand-in-hand with our SEO experts to make sure that the websites we build have a rock solid SEO foundation. Their work makes Google love your website.

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Outreach and Link Building

There are two pillars of SEO, content and links. At Propel, we are primarily a content-first SEO agency. But when content alone isn’t enough, our team of experienced outreach specialists acquire the highest quality, white-hat links to get the job done.

When you’re competing for visibility in online searches with fierce competition, links can make the difference between capturing mind-share or never making it to page one of search results.

Outreach and link building specialists help build your website’s authority, trust, and brand awareness. Each link they acquire is another 3rd party vote of confidence and trust that search engines like Google use to determine which sites to rank for specific searches.

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Transparent Pricing and Reporting

Many businesses who hire an SEO agency find themselves getting little to no reporting, leaving them left in the dark about what’s being done to their website.

We feel this isn’t right. At Propel we go out of our way to ensure you know exactly how your investment is being put to use. Your website is a core part of your business, and we believe the SEO work we perform should be transparent - not a black-box.

Each month we provide you with a monthly activity report as well as reporting on keyword tracking, links we acquire, month-over-month organic website traffic, total organic search conversions, organic conversion revenue, and more.

SEO campaigns tailored to your business

Our team analyzes your business and website goals to determine the most efficient way to attract and convert prospects. Our all-inclusive approach enables us to focus on the activities that are going to generate the most results based on your products and existing online presence.

For some clients, this might mean redesigning the website and rewriting the copy. For others, it might mean focusing solely on outreach & link building activities. We tailor our campaigns based on what your business needs to succeed.

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Steve Toth
July 7, 2021

Propel is everything you want in a web design / SEO company. They are responsive, meticulous and have great customer service.

Claudio Nespeca
June 30, 2021

Propel has outperformed in every category. We're very satisfied with the results!

Kolleen Shallcross
April 9, 2021

Chris is a colleague and the real deal. He knows his tech when it comes to websites and optimization. I highly recommend his services.

Caroline L
March 19, 2021

I recently had the pleasure of working with Chris at Propel on improving site speed for a client's WordPress website. I booked a session with him and not only did he make the site go from turtle to cheetah, he showed me how to do it myself so I could repeat the process on future client sites. WORTH EVERY PENNY! Plus, Chris is super nice to work with. I highly recommend him!

Katy Jonker
January 18, 2021

Chris and his team are true experts. Chris is extremely knowledgeable about digital marketing, and applies his skills diligently on every project he takes under his wing. He's a great listener and succeeds at delivering precisely what his clients want 100% of the time. Recommend Propel Digital 10/10!

Tamara Morrison
November 26, 2020

I've known Chris for several years now, and he's been a tremendous asset to me as a graphic and web designer, helping me on the technical end with the tougher things! Chris has gone above and beyond, offering video chats and tutorials simply to help, and showing me first hand how to use the software or products he recommends. He always replies almost instantly, and always is willing to help! Hes built an impressive community and network, which still helps me years later. He is amazing at what he does, and produces real results you can see, unlike many in the industry who leave much to be desired after paying for SEO and tech services. He's the real deal and the best I've seen! I'll continue to recommend his team to anyone who needs SEO and digital media services and actually wants results!

Grow your website traffic. Increase your conversions and revenue with an all-inclusive SEO agency at an hourly rate.
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