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Get cost-effective PPC campaigns that generate more qualified leads, increase your revenue, and produce business-growing ROI starting month one.
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Pay-Per-Click Services for Local Businesses

We help your business run paid ad campaigns that are reliable and profitable. That means that you put a dollar in, and get 3, 4, or 5 back - every month.
To get the most of your advertising dollars, we offer a range of services and strategies:
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Google Ads

Get your website listed as Google’s top search result and drive more visitors to your landing pages. Start generating business right away and improve your conversion rates with effective PPC ad campaigns.
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Facebook / Instagram Ads

Expand your reach by micro-targeting your ideal audience on social media. We use targeted ads to put your best offers in front of primed audiences. Facebook Ads are one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching new potential customers, who may not know your brand, but need your products or services.
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Retargeting Ads

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Google Ads GEO Targeting

Advertise only to people who are close enough to work with you. With the help of Google Ads location targeting, our ad specialists focus your advertising efforts on the areas where you’re most likely to find customers and limit them in areas that are not profitable for your business. This enables us to improve your conversions and increase your return on investment.
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Omnitargeting Ads

Maximize your reach with omnitargeting - retargeting ads that are run on a variety of advertising platforms. Propel’s omnitargeting ads run on YouTube, Google Display Network, Instagram, LinkedIn, Gmail, and more.

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Let us show you what services and strategies are driving amazing results for our existing clients in your niche.
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Why Clients Choose Us to Deliver High ROI Results for Their PPC Campaigns

We're not just "another PPC agency".
Here are some reasons why our clients trust us with their business advertising:
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Trust a Google Premier PPC Partner

Propel is a Google Premier PPC Partner, which means you can trust us to deliver exactly what we say we can do. As a Premier Partner agency, Propel meets Google’s requirements in three key areas:


Our PPC specialists are knowledgeable and up to date with Google’s latest updates and products, and we make sure to leverage every advancement in your favor.
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Ad Spend

Our agency meets Google’s ad spend recommendations for Premier Partners, which means we are successful at keeping our clients’ ad costs low and profit margins high.
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Premier partners have good track records. We know how to promote sustainable growth and how to optimize a campaign to make it profitable for you, month-over-month.
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Bypass Campaign “Warm Up”

At Propel, we use data from the thousands of accounts we manage to maximize your ROI, starting month one. Unlike other agencies or freelancers that require “warm-up” periods to optimize your campaigns, our PPC campaigns generate expected results right from the start.

No more, “give it some time” or “we need to collect data”. With Propel, your investment starts working for your business without wasting time and money.

Takeover Campaign Results And Improvements
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We Protect Your Ad Spend with PPC Click-Fraud Protection

Our PPC click-fraud works 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days per year to protect you from paying for clicks from bots or competitors. Our automated systems detect and prevent click fraud with high accuracy, letting us focus your ad spend on what matters most - generating new business, as cost-effectively as possible.
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Higher Conversion Rates with Battle Tested Landing Pages

With any paid advertising, you want each dollar to be used as efficiently as possible. That’s why we only use battle-tested landing pages that have proven to convert traffic to customers.
How do we do this?
We design our own library of landing pages, put them to the test, and only use them in client campaigns when we have data that demonstrates a minimum acceptable conversion rate. That means you don’t pay to have someone test changes out until everything works - you get a high-converting campaign right from the start.

Our PPC Strategy & Planning

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Keyword Research

You can’t come up with a PPC strategy if you don’t know what your ideal audience is looking for. We use aggregated data from tens or hundreds of other campaigns in your industry to track which keywords convert and which don’t. Our keyword research gives us exclusive insights of your target audience’s search queries so we can focus the ad spend on the best keywords and attract more visitors to your website.
Ppc Campaign Forecasted Metrics


Knowing what people are searching for is great, but forecasting how search volumes change over time is even better. We use data gathered from other businesses operating in your industry to predict the number of leads and the cost per lead with a high degree of accuracy.
Graph Showing Campaign Efficiency Improvements Over Time

Smart Campaign Optimization

We design campaigns that work 24/7. But to achieve optimal results, we design the campaigns to optimize themselves based on the latest data. So if a targeted keyword becomes too expensive overnight, you won’t waste money by paying for it.
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Steve Toth
July 7, 2021

Propel is everything you want in a web design / SEO company. They are responsive, meticulous and have great customer service.

Claudio Nespeca
June 30, 2021

Propel has outperformed in every category. We're very satisfied with the results!

Kolleen Shallcross
April 9, 2021

Chris is a colleague and the real deal. He knows his tech when it comes to websites and optimization. I highly recommend his services.

Caroline L
March 19, 2021

I recently had the pleasure of working with Chris at Propel on improving site speed for a client's WordPress website. I booked a session with him and not only did he make the site go from turtle to cheetah, he showed me how to do it myself so I could repeat the process on future client sites. WORTH EVERY PENNY! Plus, Chris is super nice to work with. I highly recommend him!

Katy Jonker
January 18, 2021

Chris and his team are true experts. Chris is extremely knowledgeable about digital marketing, and applies his skills diligently on every project he takes under his wing. He's a great listener and succeeds at delivering precisely what his clients want 100% of the time. Recommend Propel Digital 10/10!

Tamara Morrison
November 26, 2020

I've known Chris for several years now, and he's been a tremendous asset to me as a graphic and web designer, helping me on the technical end with the tougher things! Chris has gone above and beyond, offering video chats and tutorials simply to help, and showing me first hand how to use the software or products he recommends. He always replies almost instantly, and always is willing to help! Hes built an impressive community and network, which still helps me years later. He is amazing at what he does, and produces real results you can see, unlike many in the industry who leave much to be desired after paying for SEO and tech services. He's the real deal and the best I've seen! I'll continue to recommend his team to anyone who needs SEO and digital media services and actually wants results!

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Quick Wins for Better PPC Campaigns

Improve the performance of your PPC campaigns with these fundamental essentials to winning campaigns.
These are the same things our agency implements for our clients to build campaigns that help them grow their revenue month-over-month and deliver an excellent ROI. Get your copy of these essential tips and strategies, for free.
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Our PPC Campaign Process

  • PPC Campaign Audit
  • Create High Converting Ads
  • Tailor High Converting Landing Pages
  • Install and Configure Tracking
  • Provide a Dedicated Reporting Dashboard
PPC Campaign Audit
Icon Process Checklist

PPC Campaign Audit

If you’re already advertising, but your campaigns aren’t performing well, the first step is to take a deep dive into your account to identify the areas that could be optimized to improve performance. This enables us to get a clear picture of what needs to be improved to turn your campaigns into a highly efficient and profitable PPC marketing strategy.
Create High Converting Ads
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Create High Converting Ads

Next, we pinpoint your target audience. We created high-converting PPC campaigns for a lot of local businesses that are very similar to your own, so we know who we should target and understand what works and what doesn’t for every home services industry.

Thanks to our extensive database, we don’t need to spend weeks or even months to collect relevant information about your would-be clients. We can launch highly-optimized campaigns right from the start.
Tailor High Converting Landing Pages
Icon Landing Page

Tailor High Converting Landing Pages

After writing the ads, we use our knowledge of your audience to tailor your landing page to their liking. We put pressure on their pain points and explain exactly how your solution could help them achieve their goals.

Besides writing your landing pages, we also use eye-catching layouts and designs to encourage the audience to take action. Only the landing pages that have proven results make it to client campaigns. We customize each page using stock photography, so you get high-converting pages right from the start.
Install and Configure Tracking
Icon Tracking And Analytics

Install and Configure Tracking

Metrics represent the lifeline of a successful marketing campaign, so we install and configure digital tracking software. This enables us to know exactly where the high converting traffic comes from and what to optimize in order to improve the conversion rate and increase your ROI.

We also implement all the tracking you need to monitor your success. From tracking lead form submissions to recording your calls for tracking and staff training purposes, we do it all to optimize the campaign and improve your customer retention rates.
Provide a Dedicated Reporting Dashboard
Icon Marketing Dashboard

Provide a Dedicated Reporting Dashboard

You get to see our marketing efforts in action. We provide access to a dedicated dashboard that shows your campaign’s progress in real-time. Check out all the stats and numbers that matter for your marketing campaign from anywhere, at any time.

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